About Michele

Eclectic, creative, Writer & Editor -- strong marketing development background to meet online content challenges -- intelligent, brand-focused concepts for clients.

Endless intellectual curiosity, excited about new projects and creative collaborations, business marketing challenges with social media outreach, public relations as advertising network, guerrilla marketing techniques.

Communications experience -- strong background online content creation, SEO brand-driven content, development of marketing strategies, public relations outreach, creative concepts for guerrilla-style marketing. 

Blogging -- innovative, Buddhist political blog.... TOUGH KARMA.COM

Short Stories, Fiction-Addicted Writer -- Collection "Tough Karma - Blue Collar Jew Girl". Studied with Hollywood screenwriter legend Meade Roberts at NYU Graduate Film School, Monologue workshops with Spalding Gray at the Omega Institute, created poetry and mayhem with Merry Prankster, Sandy Lehmann-Haupt -- [Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test] -- on the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Michele travels to book shops to share readings her short stories, Tough Karma, Blue Collar Jew Girl.